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The Amazing World of Cirque

May 26, 20160

Ever since I discovered Cirque du Soleil, I’ve been trying to watch all their shows. I’ve watched several now and…

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Escaping the Concrete Jungle

May 11, 20160

Returning once again to the concrete jungle, I was definitely glad that weather was much more agreeable than the last…

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How Far Would I Go?

May 9, 20160

This is the new question that plagues me. Actually, it probably plagues my significant other more so than it does…

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Escaping on a Road Trip

October 23, 20151

Last weekend, a group of four of us got in the car and headed south for some good ol’ escaping.…

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Cambridge, Boston and Cape Cod

August 20, 20150

Back to work now. After my extra long weekend to visit a friend in Cambridge, I can see why people love…

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Weekend in Boston

August 11, 20150

Here’s to a hopefully sunny and beautiful trip to the cozy town of Boston. Makes me remember Augustana’s Boston which…

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Matsuri 2015

July 22, 20150

It’s only Wednesday, I know. But I’m already looking forward to Matsuri this Sunday. If only I owned a yukata.…

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I love kids but…

July 13, 20151

being on a 15-hour flight with a 2 year old kicking the back of your seat or crying is not enjoyable…

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En Route to My Next Destination

July 1, 20150

The last time I was on a flight this long was at the end of 2012. It’s been 2.5 years…

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Vegas (round 3): Food, scenery, friends and music

June 26, 20150

What more could I ask for? Oh yes, sun. Lots of it! This was my third time in Vegas (third time’s a…

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