Film Festivals!

May 19, 20160

I feel like there is constantly some sort of film festival, screening or event going on in and around Toronto.…

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The Final Episode

November 29, 20150

It is time. I remember reading the trilogy back in April 2012. I didn’t realize at the time that there…

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The Magical Music of Disney

September 28, 20150

It was a night of magic at the Dunfield Theatre Cambridge. After the orchestra performance, I wanted to go home…

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En Route to My Next Destination

July 1, 20150

The last time I was on a flight this long was at the end of 2012. It’s been 2.5 years…

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10 reasons why you should watch “Mad Max: Fury Road”

June 3, 20152

I’m probably a little late at posting this since the movie came out a few weeks ago, but let me…

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Classic & All Time Favourite

April 16, 20150

I recently experienced my first Cineplex VIP movie and I only paid $6 for it. The reason for that was…

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Furious 7 is back with a bang

April 3, 20150

Just got home from the 10pm showing of Furious 7 and I would go right back to watch it again.…

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Keanu’s back again

October 29, 20140

as John Wicks this time. And he’s a total badass looking for revenge. I just watched the trailer again. Keanu…

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“I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen”

September 7, 20140

I’ve seen a lot of romantic flicks in my time and while I’m not the biggest fan of them –…

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