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the birthday song that never ends…

September 21, 20150

The weekend is over, and I’ve had lots of cake (yes, there’s more cake in the fridge as I type this). My…

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Cambridge, Boston and Cape Cod

August 20, 20150

Back to work now. After my extra long weekend to visit a friend in Cambridge, I can see why people love…

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Cortado love

June 28, 20150

I remember the first time I had a cortado. I think it was the best coffee I ever had. Since…

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Vegas (round 3): Food, scenery, friends and music

June 26, 20150

What more could I ask for? Oh yes, sun. Lots of it! This was my third time in Vegas (third time’s a…

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April Showers

April 27, 20150

It’s the end of April and it’s been quite an eventful April this year. I’ve helped to plan a baby…

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Homemade baked goods

March 27, 20150

I love me some homemade baked goods. Especially when they’re baked by my best friend or my sister (unless she…

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I’m not a noodle snob

November 1, 20140

Seriously. I promise. I just love noodles. Any and all kinds: vermicelli, pad thai, ramen, linguini and the list goes…

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coffee or tea?

October 29, 20140

I like me a good cup of coffee. Or a cappuccino on a lazy Sunday morning to go with my…

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My attempt at being “Cooking Mama” comes to life?

October 28, 20140

So a little while ago, Nemo and I shared a video of us dressed up as “Cooking Mama” for our…

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