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Canadian Capers presents Speakeasy

September 21, 201511

I was a bit cautious about what to expect going in. We all were. Our group hadn’t really enjoyed Escape…

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JBL Synchros Reflect-i

September 17, 20150

I’ve been using my JBL earphones for more than a month now. I did some research before deciding on these…

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Two Weeks until I see Her

September 17, 20150

It wasn’t meant to be when I bought tickets to see her on her Red tour, but it’s now 2…

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Did Someone Say Spice Girls Reunion?

August 7, 20150

So I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Basically since I bought those level 300 tickets because…

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On la musica front

July 27, 20150

I don’t do a very good job of tracking songs I listen to just because I listen to radio a…

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Matsuri 2015

July 22, 20150

It’s only Wednesday, I know. But I’m already looking forward to Matsuri this Sunday. If only I owned a yukata.…

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En Route to My Next Destination

July 1, 20150

The last time I was on a flight this long was at the end of 2012. It’s been 2.5 years…

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What’s on my playlist? (Week of June 29th, 2015)

June 29, 20150

Hello again, my friends! Ready to find out what’s on my current playlist? Here we go! 1. “Renegades” – X…

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Vegas (round 3): Food, scenery, friends and music

June 26, 20150

What more could I ask for? Oh yes, sun. Lots of it! This was my third time in Vegas (third time’s a…

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Escaping Montreal

June 10, 20150

Having mentioned escaping in Montreal in my last post, I want to talk more in depth about my escape experience…

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