Autumnal Equinox fall foliage Full view

Autumnal Equinox

Today marks the day that summer is ending. It is now fall, a season of rich and warm colours all around. Time to get the rakes out and wait for those leaves to fall from the trees. Time to bring out the warmer bedding in preparation for the winter that is coming. But best of all, time to bring out the apple cider and maybe bake a pie or two.

Time to start moving my outdoor activities indoors. I’ll need to start running on the treadmill once it gets colder, but for now, I’m still good running outside. But aside from the active life, I also want to take a look at fall cleaning (if that’s even a thing).

I noticed that I’ve constantly got projects on the go. I don’t finish very many and I don’t finish them very quickly. I read a blog post yesterday about working on concentration skills. When I need to get something done, I focus on it and get it done. When I start something that I don’t really have a deadline for (much like many of my personal projects), I end up letting things slip or tucking away a project for another day. How do I go about decluttering and focusing? There are a few things I’m going to set ground rules for myself on.

1. No more new self-initiated projects for the foreseeable future. Projects are fun, but I need to stop starting new ones and finishing old/current ones. It’s all part of decluttering.

2. Get rid of more stuff (that’s vague, but vague is good here since this one is so hard and I need to evaluate ALL my possessions… :().

3. Take time to just breath and focus and clear the mind of everything. Taking some time to stop the mind from wandering is a healthy thing. It gives your mind a break (not just your body).

4. Make lists that actually get completed. I make lists and lists and more lists. I make work lists, task lists, money-related lists. What I don’t always do is complete a list before I start the next one. Lists used to be a good tool. Until they became something that I just made, but never completed.

5. Set aside time each week to do all the above. It takes time to do things. It takes repetition to make things a habit. It takes commitment to actually follow through. It’s about time that I actually tried to do the above for real. An hour at a time.

Anyway, that’s my fall goal. Hope it sticks!

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