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Escaping on a Road Trip

Last weekend, a group of four of us got in the car and headed south for some good ol’ escaping. We considered whether to explain to the border officials that we were going on an escape trip. In the end, we didn’t and got searched because they thought we went shopping. Could’ve been worse. Who goes escaping anyway?

First things first. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my escape list, but here it is. I may possibly have missed a few since I haven’t been tracking very hard since summer.

We managed to complete all three of the rooms at The Hour in St Catherine’s before having a nice lunch at Inn on the Twenty in the Niagara-on-the-Lake region. We had originally booked Emma’s Disappearance and Mutiny at the Hour, but we ended up doing Jailbreak as well before we left. We were there already. Might as well! I have to admit that even for us, three back-to-back rooms was a little extreme. We’ve only ever done two back-to-back rooms in one go before (and yes, that happens quite a bit). Anyhow, we were impressed with Mutiny at the Hour. Group consensus was that this was our favourite room. The theme was extremely well-maintained throughout and it was beautifully decorated. The puzzles related to the theme and there were a few things we hadn’t seen before, which was great!

Their new room, The Lost Ones, opened for booking 2 days after we visited (how unfortunate for us), but considering that we liked their style, it’s a possibility that we would drive back for it if we get ourselves booked for the Niagara escape rooms as well.

The real purpose of this trip was actually to check out 5 Wits in Syracuse. After watching Scott Nicholson’s talk about escape rooms and adventures, we looked into 5 Wits and found the concept of a self-resetting room to be very interesting. The production value looked amazing from the website and curiosity got us heading out there instead of to Ottawa (yes that was the original plan). The bonus was a pretty drive to Syracuse. Fall foliage is always pretty and we even crossed path with some snow en route!

I don’t think the staff at 5 Wits believed that we were actually in Syracuse for them. Who does that, right? We do. We bought quad tickets to complete all 4 of their adventures and we also paid a 7$ premium per room to ensure that we got a private adventure experience. I wouldn’t even call this an escape room. I would call 5 Wits more of an themed adventure, similar to something you would find in an amusement park. The quality of the adventures was amazing. The videos, the acting (5 Wits Production), the set up and the quality of the finished product was amazing. It was on another level from what escape rooms we have seen in Toronto.

Back to the actual adventures themselves. It was recommended to us that we start off with Espionage and end off with Deep Space. Once we started our first adventure, we realized that this was very much a guided experience, which is why I don’t really consider 5 Wits to be a true escape room. The goal really is to accomplish the mission set out at the beginning, rather than to find an escape for one reason or other. We found Espionage to be a bit slow for us, but we still found all the adventures extremely fun. In fact, when one of the staff told us that the Foxboro location had a larger and better facility, we were intrigued. That’s not to say that we’ll be able to make the trip out there any time soon. Boston is definitely a little farther away than just a 4.5 hour road trip away.

Oh and of course, I made a stop at a coffee shop in Syracuse. Picture above is the Recess Coffee House near Syracuse University. They’ve got a very hippy style going on in the place. It’s basically an old house turned coffee shop where they carry a good selection of hot chocolates and spiced lattes.

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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