Piano Guys are Back! Piano Guys Full view

Piano Guys are Back!

And they’re rocking the stage once again. I missed their tour last year, but managed to snag tickets early on for the 2016 tour (yay!). I’ve been waiting for this concert for months and it did not disappoint.

It’s kind of crazy how these dorky dads from Utah managed to take Youtube by storm with their shenanigans. But that’s exactly what they did. They turned classical instrumental music into something awesome and fun. They took ideas that sounded crazy and turned them into reality. Bringing a grand piano up on the Great Wall of China? Playing the cello in a castle in Scotland? Making music is about having fun and they are the embodiment of what I love about music.

These guys have amazing stage presence. They’re funny to boot and creative as heck. Steve’s 25 cellos is quite the collection. Definitely feeling those fingers itching for a piano now.

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