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Film Festivals!

I feel like there is constantly some sort of film festival, screening or event going on in and around Toronto. Now that summer’s here, add all the Shakespeare play renditions in the gardens as well. How is one to sift through everything and decide what to watch?

A great example is the upcoming Toronto Japanese Film Festival. It’s running from June 9 to 23 and I have marked down probably more than half of all the movies as “watchlist” films! So far, I’ve purchased tickets to 1 film. June is a busy month for me but I definitely want to fit in one or two more movies from this festival.

I’ve recently been called out for my squirreling. I would say that this is definitely one of those squirrel moments. I’m thinking about the summer and all the things that are happening! Movies, shows, camping, concerts, escape rooms, traveling. Oh dear, somebaaaaady stap meeeeeeeeeeeeh! Actually, don’t stop me. This is going to be an epic summer!

On a side note, I’m pleasantly delighted by the vegan onigiris I found at Nohohon tonight!. Tried the chili & kelp onigiri, which was sweet with a tinge of spice to it. It was interesting. I’ll be back for the other onigiris and a momo oolong tea, of course. Mm…

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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