The Amazing World of Cirque

Ever since I discovered Cirque du Soleil, I’ve been trying to watch all their shows. I’ve watched several now and I wouldn’t call myself an expert by any means.

I just want to sit there and be like ‘That sequence was SO cool!’ or ‘That set looks AMAZING!’. I know that these artists spend hours, days, years to practice and get to the level that they are to be performing on that stage. It’s all over for me in the span of 2-3 hours. What exactly is it that leaves a lasting impression on me? Would I ever re-watch a show?

Of course! My favourite show, by far, is O. I thought it was beautiful and there was no real narration to the show either. I was just so impressed with it. For a show at that level, I would definitely go back to watch it. On the opposite spectrum, when I watch a show like Toruk, which I watched last weekend, I feel underwhelmed.


Of all the Cirque shows I’ve watched, it was the weakest. I don’t want to discredit all the hard work that has been put in by everyone who worked on the show, but even for a traveling show, I felt like it was missing a wow factor. Obviously, I can’t compare a traveling show to a resident show, but even then, Toruk wasn’t at quite the level I expected, even for a traveling show. Maybe next year’s show will bring them back up? Here’s to hoping! In any case, my favourite part was the Tree of Souls, pictured here.


Written by nemo

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