Pursuit of Happiness?

I feel like it’s a good reminder (to myself and any friends who may be reading this) every so often that you live your life being happy as much as you can.

I came across an article today that brought this point across once again. The author described a comic strip he had posted in which each person depicted was looking longingly at someone else. The luxury car driver was looking at the helicopter, the sedan driver was looking at the luxury car driver, the cyclist was looking at sedan driver… Sure, you can argue that people aren’t all like that. The cyclist might actually really believe in saving the environment and not contributing to pollution.

The point is more so why do we constantly look to others and compare? Comparison is one way to motivate ourselves to work towards a goal, but it shouldn’t also cause us frustration and misery at every turn because we aren’t ever satisfied with our own lives. Life is good. Pick up those pieces of the good things in your life and treasure them.

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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