Just Call My Name…

and I’ll be there. Cirque du Soleil has a great tribute to MJ happening in Sin City. I heard all my favourites including Billy Jean and Man in the Mirror while watching the acrobats. it’s nothing as crazy as what you might see in O, Mystere or one of their other shows. But the lights and dancing are still pretty good. The stage is also very well done.

Music nowadays just can’t compare to what it used to be. Don’t get me wrong; I listen to the charts. I just find that it’s more common for me to think of a song from my childhood (or maybe even from my parents’ childhood) rather than from current day hit lists.

Is this just me or is it all generations? Is there something about conjuring up childhood memories of air guitars and dancing on the couch that makes a song stick in our head? Or maybe it was the static of radio tuning compared to the digital music on our iPods and other devices.

Every time I leave on a trip, I sing (maybe out loud) I’m leaving on a jet plane (yes, I know I’ve never been on a jet plane before). On a nice summer day when I go to the park and there’s a big lunk of a tree, I’m thinking about tying a yellow ribbon. And speaking of yellow, there may or may not be a yellow submarine in my head every time I go to Subway.

How did these songs get stuck with these associations in my head? I don’t know. How are they not replaced with more current songs? I don’t know. What I do know is that I’ll keep jamming to these favourites and if that makes me an oldie, so be it.

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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