Consistency or Something Fresh?

It has occurred to me that people who run regularly may get bored of their route, especially when all you see around you are residential neighbourhoods, or concrete buildings.

I find that I don’t run regularly enough to get bored of my route. The only things I really care about are:

1. not cramping
2. knowing that I’m covering a certain amount of mileage
3. knowing that I feel better about the run than I did previously

Stop and smell the flowers! I’m lucky that I now live close to the water. This has definitely spoiled me. Morning jogs are also great because there are fewer people on the streets. I used to try and do no-stop runs only because I found stop-starts really difficult. But now that I am down here, I find that I can afford a 30-second break to just look out onto the water and try to just enjoy the moment.

Do you constantly need to change your route or is there a route that you’ve found which satisfies you and lands you at your favourite juice bar after being in that summer heat?

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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