I just leveled up when it comes to being a nerd…

So I just recently had very first experience at Toronto’s Fan Expo at the Metro Convention Centre with Nemo. It was pretty much all levels of awesome. You can read more about it in another entry, but I thought I would focus this piece on my new obsession with these Funko Pop! vinyl toys. Why do they exist? And why do I find them so incredibly fascinating?!

I had received two in the past as a gift from friends and thought they were super adorable, but never thought I would take it any further than that – in terms of collecting. Well, I was clearly very wrong. At Fan Expo, I went a little crazy, trying to find any of the ones that I thought I needed to have in my collection. So I went from two to fourteen (unless you count the one duplicate that I have) in a matter of one weekend. Crazy beans, right?

If you’re not familiar with these toys, you’ve probably seen them at some point while walking around the malls. They’re tiny figurines that resemble a character/person in popular culture. They literally have hundreds of these. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is someone out there that owns every single one of them. If that person exists, I would like to meet them, shake their hand, and then ask how their bank account is doing.

Being someone who has a weakness for cute things, I couldn’t resist collecting them and I suspect I will be on the hunt for more (many of the ones I wanted, I was unable to find at Fan Expo – tough luck!). But, alas, I will admit this is not a cheap toy to collect – the prices can range from $10 to $30 (maybe even more!) – depending on how rare it is to find that particular character. Also, if you’re in Canada, you’re at a disadvantage for supply of some of the more popular ones. For example, Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy” is next to impossible to find here, but if you go to the States, I’m sure it’s easy to find. I may have to trek across the border to hunt for more of these adorable figurines.

Side note: if you’re wondering which one is my favourite? Well, it has to be my limited edition one of Mr. Stan Lee who is wearing a Fan Expo tee. Now to get it signed…

Now the question is: where do I put them all? I’m currently in the process of trying to redo my incredibly cluttered room and of course, I didn’t make it easier by getting all of these.

Yes, I realize I just did an entire blog about a toy, which I think ups my level of nerd +1. If you are interested in collecting these things (warning: once you start, you can’t stop), visit their official site to see what other cool items they offer: http://funko.com/

In the meantime, I’m going to figure out where to put my little friends in my room. Wish me luck!

– EmptyPenguin

Update: I’ve already spotted the next set that I want to add to my collection. Oh, my poor wallet!

Yes, that is a freakin' "Kill Bill" Funko set! Look at Gogo Yubari!
Yes, that is a freakin’ “Kill Bill” Funko set! Look at Gogo Yubari!



Written by EmptyPenguin

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