I shouldn’t be allowed to binge-watch shows

Do you ever get so into a show, that you watch all the episodes practically in one sitting? Then, when you realize you have to wait for a new episode, you suddenly feel anxious? “Wait, what?! I have to wait to see what happens next?!”

Well, this just happened to me recently while I was watching a K-Drama called “Hi! School-Love On” (terrible title, I know). It’s a really cutesy drama and storyline, but for some reason I got sucked into it. So much so that I forgot to pace myself and ended up realizing that I had watched all 8 available episodes in one day. Mind you, these episodes are each one hour. Now, I have to wait two weeks before I can see the next episode and I’m definitely itching for a new one already.

I do this to myself every time and somehow I still haven’t learned my lesson. *Sigh* I guess I will just find something else to watch in the meantime!

Side note: If you are interested in watching the drama I was talking about – it’s about an angel (kind of a grim reaper too) who saves a high school boy and because of this, she’s forced to live in the human world. As she tries to adjust to the human world, she falls in love with the boy, but also gets entangled in a love triangle. Along the way, she gets into conflict with a lot of the students who try to bring her down. It’s a total of 20 episodes and the stars include Infinite’s Sungyeol and Woohyun.

I’ve been watching it on a site that I pay for called dramafever.com . It’s only about $4.99USD a month and gives you access to lots of K-Dramas and they’re really hi-quality as well. It’s sort of like a Netflix for Korean shows and I think it’s worth it since I don’t like dealing with ads on videos. Plus, they post the latest episodes quite quickly and notify you when a new episode is available.

Written by EmptyPenguin

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