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Yes, it’s getting chillier, but here’s the silver lining…

Brrrrr! It’s officially that time of the year where I bundle up in my coziest sweaters and fuzziest pjs. It’s not winter, but it’s still cold enough that going outside can seem like a chore. The lunch breaks that I used to take to bask in the sun and get a light tan are officially in hibernation mode and staying inside to work somehow seems more appealing.

Okay, I get it, I’m Canadian, so I should probably suck it up and deal with it. So to cope with the chilly fall weather, I’ve decided to see the brighter side of things. First, the leaves are beautiful. I never used to really take the time to look at them, but as I get older, these are the little things I notice and appreciate. Next, I get to wear my favourite clothes – aka anything that’s somewhat baggy, warm and basically feels like a blanket wrapped around my body (but still totally work appropriate). Lastly, I made myself a cup of dairy-free, gluten-free hot chocolate this morning for my car ride and I didn’t feel guilty about it. Why? It was super cold and I figured a warm cup of hot chocolate was just the thing to warm me up. And guess what? I was right!

So yes, the weather is definitely chilly and not my cup of tea, but I choose to look at the glass half full. Just think, Christmas is just around the corner and that is definitely my favourite time of the year!


Written by EmptyPenguin

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