Imagine you are sitting in a massage chair…

all relaxed and waiting for your masseuse to come loosen up those knots in your back. It’s unfortunate that you are not in a real spa or massage clinic. You are at a festival and you managed to hunt down a massage booth. I find myself noticing these a lot more at conventions, events, etc nowadays. Maybe it’s age getting to me…

Anyway, I digress. This masseuse comes over and you start to relax your body as he/she applies pressure to the right points to help that ache. THEN, he/she starts talking to someone that happens to be right there because you two aren’t in a closed off room with soothing ocean sounds playing! This is the moment of dread. Talking a little is okay. Talking throughout your entire massage is another story. Talking about not liking what you do for a living is downright awkward. I want to call it rude, but I will refrain from doing that. It’s awkward for the person sitting in the chair when you hear your masseuse saying he/she doesn’t enjoy what they do and want to do something else with their life. “It’s boring” are not really the words I want to hear when I am getting a massage.

I can understand that people don’t always enjoy or love the jobs they have. You just don’t need to share that with the person who’s paying you to do a good job at the moment because it makes me feel like I shouldn’t come to you!

On a side note, when I was in Hong Kong two years ago, I visited a massage parlor with two other people. This was a unique but interesting experience. I have to say that all of us were in a LOT of pain after (sad but true). I would strongly recommend you only go to a nice looking spa or a massage parlor with someone who knows a good place in Hong Kong. Not only were we aching, we were all in the same enclosed area during the massage and the three women kept chattering about where to buy groceries for better quality and cheaper prices. Not relaxing at all.

Until next time! For now, I think I will go listen to some soothing music to relax.

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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