Kaleidoscope of Strings

Surprisingly, tonight was the second time this year that I have seen Wen Zhao on stage with the pipa. My sister and I saw Vivaldi’s Four Seasons earlier this year at the Toronto Centre for the Arts and she was a featured guest at that show as well.

I love stringed instruments and attending orchestras. I decided to treat my parents and my sister to a performance at the Trinity St Paul Centre just west of Spadina on Bloor. In the past year, I have been to a number of smaller scale musicals and symphonies/orchestras which have made me realize how many old churches and buildings have actually been refurbished and used as performance stages. The acoustics in an old church are always beautiful and tonight was no different.

Considering that I love all string instruments, this unique group, the Toronto Mandolin Orchestra was definitely a hit for me. They played a variation of contemporary and classic along with their featured guests, one of which was the lovely Wen Zhao. My favourite piece tonight by her was Dragon Boat. Unfortunately I cannot find a clip of that.

I was very impressed by the domra. I actually looked that up after the performance ended to see what it was. It resembles a mandolin.

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