Time to catch up…

I’ve been AWOL from this blog for a while now. I basically missed the holidays.

Quick side note. We were lucky to have missed the blizzard/snow storm going on in the east coast this week since we went to NYC two weeks ago. Hope everyone is safe and warm and power doesn’t stay out for too long for everyone down there. It was cold (super windy) and it rained buckets on our last day (unfortunately). More on our NYC trip in another post.

I’m feeling quite accomplished. The one sport that I’ve consistently played most of my life is badminton. About 2 years ago, I joined a group of friends to play co-ed soccer in the summers and multi-sport in the fall/winter seasons. Scoring a goal last night in bench ball was an amazing feeling. I’ve also gotten a better at dodgeball and basketball. It makes me reminisce the days when I actually had a basketball net on my driveway. Those days when we’d all go to my house after school and shoot some hoops… I totally encourage people to be more active. Team sports can be refreshing.

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