I thought spring was coming…

Not sure that’s happening anymore though. The temperature took a dive yesterday to subzero and it was even colder today. I have already put my gloves and scarves in the laundry and set aside my winter jacket because it’s supposed to be warming up! And I’m told that it will warm up starting Wednesday (so crossing my fingers for that).

Spent a lovely weekend downtown. We went to a wedding at the Old Mill. Highlights included the beautiful intimate chapel that the ceremony was held in, the super cute hot chocolate favours, the touching speeches given by the parents (I’m not much of a cry-at-weddings type of girl, but the bride’s mother’s speech almost had me going) and the good food (even Carson said the steak was good so you’re not just getting it from the vegetarian). I’ve noticed that more and more people care about providing good wedding food, and so they should! Needless to say, Old Mill is a beautiful venue. The courtyard and the grounds are perfect for wedding shoots, but it was definitely cold this past weekend.

Sunday was relaxing starting with rolling in bed (one of my favourite activities) and breakfast (brunch for the early risers) at Eggspectation. That’s still one of my favourite breakfast places to go. We also checked out Silver Snail on Yonge St (north of Dudndas). It’s a decent-sized upstairs comic book/collectibles store with a cafe that serves comic book character themed lattes and mochas. Enjoyed my Iced Donkey Kong (coconut mocha) after buying myself something which will be revealed in a separate posting.

Staying downtown this weekend made me think about getting to explore downtown when I move <>. Food and shows will be big on my agenda. That’s for sure.

And to end this, welcome back to those newly tanned folk who went on March Break vacation with their families and/or friends. I’m feeling a little envious of you for having gone away to somewhere nice and warm. The current temperatures make me want to go be somewhere tropical and sip on a pina colada while reading a book under the sun (without burning my skin).

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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