Furious 7 is back with a bang Furious7 Full view

Furious 7 is back with a bang

Just got home from the 10pm showing of Furious 7 and I would go right back to watch it again. And again. I think this is one of my favourite, if not THE favourite of the franchise so far. I even needed a few moments for myself once the movie ended to gather myself and contain my emotions.

Without giving anything away, I think this movie is everything you wanted/expected it to be and more. This episode definitely had me nostalgic for the one that started it all. It had me thinking that back in June 2001 when I watched the first one in the cinema and feasted my eyes on what would become the biggest car movie franchises ever, I had no idea what was in store for me: both the fact that there would be so many more movies and that I would be where I am 15 years down the road.


The core cast has been around for 14 years They have aged (to be fair, we all have!) It’s no wonder that even some of the casting has changed. But no matter how much change there is, the family is constant. It’s what keeps them going. I love this cast more than the original cast (can’t forget about Han and Giselle!). There is more humour injected into the latest films. The Rock is beastly as usual. There are several OH MY GOD moments and I do mean OH MY GOD. The sexy cars, the nerve-wracking chases, the beautiful chicas, the crazy gigs they run… you can expect that in Furious 7 to be delivered excellently, as they did before.

In any case, I am eager to marathon through 1-6 again and then go and watch 7 in the cinema again in the next week or so.

Peace out.

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