Classic & All Time Favourite

I recently experienced my first Cineplex VIP movie and I only paid $6 for it. The reason for that was because a few friends and I went to watch Sound of Music, one of my all time favourites. I could watch that movie again and again and want to sing along to it every single time.

I have to say that this VIP experience was an interesting one for sure. We arrived early for the movie since none of us had done this before and we wanted to make sure we had enough time to order food before the show started. Turns out they actually take orders from inside the cinema up during the 30 minutes before they start the film. This is extremely convenient. Staff come around with iPads and take your payment on the spot and bring your food to your seat.

The tray tables for food/drinks are pretty much like the ones you get in airplanes, but it’s nice to have a big comfy armchair to watch your film in. Most of the chairs are not adjustable for seat back or foot rests, but the row at the very front are. Not sure if this is different across VIP cinemas, but it makes sense since that front row is almost up at the screen!

The food itself was actually very ordinary. Nothing amazing, but if you’re watching a movie during dinner time, which we did (7-10pm show), it’s definitely nice to be able to have your dinner during the movie. I ordered a poutine and a Keith’s cider and I’m glad I did. The others ordered burgers and chicken fingers which all turned out hard to eat because they couldn’t see in the dark (d’oh!).

Overall, I loved that Cineplex has been doing this classic film series and that they are even offering it at this VIP location for $6. Not sure if I would spend money on VIP for very many movies at regular price though and I would much rather be stuffing my face at home in front of the TV rather than trying to eat without dropping my food or dripping sauce from a burger in the dark. Age of Ultron is coming out May 1 though, so who knows. They did just recently open a VIP cinema near my house……

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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