This week is ending with a Bang…

…Big Bang, that is!

I’m so happy! After months of waiting and tons of teasing on social media, Big Bang is finally back! The only downside? I have to wait until September for the actual full album.

So their new album is called “MADE” and the boys are releasing new tracks at the beginning of every month and it started today (May 1st). To kick things off, however, Big Bang released not just one new track, but TWO.

I’m really digging “Loser” – especially Taeyang’s melodic parts. I’m still trying to feel out “Bae Bae,” but it’s not bad – just… different? Stay tuned on my feelings on that one!

Okay, so without further ado, here are the new tracks:

And just for kicks, here’s their teaser trailer for their tour (it’s pretty epic):

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