“Hi! My name is… (what?) My name is… (who?)”

If you didn’t already figure it out, I’m quoting Eminem’s “My Name Is” in my title.

Why? Well, I have a bone to pick with the latest season of “Game Of Thrones”.

While it’s one of my favourite shows and one of the rare shows I actually follow nowadays, I feel like the show expects too much from its viewers. It assumes that fans of the show are also fans of the books. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the books are incredible, but I just don’t have time (currently) to read the entire series. Perhaps one day!

So as someone who doesn’t read the books, there’s too many damn characters to remember! I feel like the show assumes you’ve read the books, so you can fill in the blanks in this on-going game of “who is who?”. Some of the characters have names that sound too similar to others, or they look similar to another character. And then in some situations, a new character seems to appear out of thin air. I’ve had to resort to Wikipedia to fill in the blanks for myself, but man, there’s got to be an easier solution.

You know what would be really helpful? NAME TAGS. I’m aware this will never happen, but one can only hope…

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