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May Escapades

I am off to Montreal next week and I know that what I’m planning to do illustrates how much of a lost cause I am. I’ve looked up escape rooms in Montreal and even booked 2 rooms already. Depending on what time I land on Sunday, I may end up just trying to fit in 1 or 2 more rooms. I am at the stage where whenever I travel, I also look at whether there are escape rooms/games in that city or nearby. Even my dad thinks I’m way too into it when he heard that I have plans to visit a few of these places while away.

Looking forward to some fresh Montreal bagels, Artist Alley and definitely to checking out Obsidem and A/Maze Montreal next week. :) Will report back on how they are. Hoping my rusty Francais won’t be required to get me out.

In the mean time, Roundabout Canada has impressed me. I would even put it as one of my top 5 in Toronto. They’re close to Yonge/Dundas, so a group of us went over there after work on Tuesday (who goes escaping on a Tuesday night?!) and did two rooms. We had booked Final Destination since I was super intrigued by the theme and they did not disappoint. Their props and set up are superb and I would highly recommend this place. We also did the Prisoner which was extremely fun. Again, the theme was very well put together, even though we’ve all been to a million prison escape themed rooms.

In case you’re looking for an updated list, click here.

The next room I’ve got lined up is Next Relic tomorrow night. We’ve had this one booked for a few weeks now, so I have some expectations. Trying not to set them too high. Considering they’re pretty heavily booked up and that they only have one escape theme available, they must be doing something right.

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