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May is over! Summer is creeping up on us. I’m already looking forward to traveling. Off to Vegas next week. It’ll be my first time at EDC, so we’ll see how that goes. While I’m there, crossing my fingers for decent weather in Zion National Park because it looks absolutely amazing. My cousin went out there with a few friends while he was on exchange studies almost 2 years ago and highly recommended it. Then on Canada Day, I’ll be spending my day on a plane to Hong Kong. Hot and humid, here I come.

Anyways, back to May. Here’s what my May was like (mostly in photos). Busy for sure, but it’s been a good busy.

Escape rooms. Did any of you think there wouldn’t be? That would just be crazy! I checked out Roundabout, one more room from Lost Canada, reserved my timeslot for Pentitentiary at Omescape, gave Mystery Room Downsview another shot and patiently waited for Syndicate at Escape Games Canada to open. Oh, and my team also managed a “relay” of sorts to solve Artifact #2 from Black Letter Labs. I was again impressed with their elaborate planning. Definitely worth the money for the fun that we got out of it, even though it bordered on stressful at times.

Got a few of my Sailormoon collectibles (Megahouse Petit Chara Serenity and Megahouse Petit Chara inner senshi volume 1) in the mail. They are adorable. Just waiting on my Figuarts Zero Sailormoon figure, which is currently on pre-order. I’ve been waiting for that one since I saw the display version in photos from a convention.
IMG_2522 IMG_2524 petitcharaWhat’s my books line up these days? There’s always room for Chicken Soup, in these case, the True Love edition. It’s been a while since I read one of these, but the stories make you smile, make you sad and make you think about your own stories. The last 2 months have seen me ploughing through Three Cups of Tea (David Oliver Relin) in April, Sing You Home (Jodi Picoult) and Strayed (Cheryl Strayed). After clearing these titles, I started reading Starting Point, which is a collection of interviews, papers, articles with and about Hayao Miyazaki. I’m also back to reading romances on my Kindle, currently reading Ava Miles’ Dare Valley series because the first book . It is definitely convenient to have a Kindle or some sort of handheld reader, but I still like paper books. And who doesn’t love Archie comics. The love rivalry between Betty and Veronica over Archie is a classic.

Mother’s Day with 2 moms and 1 mom-to-be at the Ritz. Always nice to get a little fancy and treat the moms to something the men don’t really care for.

So work brought me to Montreal, but while I was there, I checked out a few escape places (did you think I would just skip those?) and I even made it to a cat cafe before I left the city. Meow.CatCafe3 CatCafe2 CatCafe1Last but not least, I received my first diamond ring as a gift from my best friend on her wedding day, which was likely the rainiest day this spring. We partied through it all on minimal amount of sleep. The rain couldn’t stop the show!

DiamondIMG_2705It really was a beautiful wedding. So happy for the married couple who is probably going to do some last minute packing before they leave for their honeymoon tomorrow.

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