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Veggie Fest is like Christmas for people like me!

The first time I ever went to the Vegetarian Festival, I was only restricting myself to gluten and hadn’t adopted the dairy-free lifestyle yet. So, my experience the second time was definitely a bit different and probably even more enjoyable than the first time.

Nowadays, whenever you bring me somewhere that has goodies that I can actually eat – it’s like unleashing a child in a candy store. I eat and eat until my tummy is probably too full and my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach. As a result, I end up bringing home too many treats and my mother can only shake her head and laugh at me for going overboard – yet again. I can’t help it though! These festivals are like Christmas for those with strict diets.

This time around I focused on getting my sweet tooth fulfilled – looking for delicious cookies, brownies, you name it. I went to the Sweet from the Earth booth, which had a variety of treats that I could actually have – immediately I said, “okay, I’m going to need a bag…” because I knew I wouldn’t be able to settle on just one item. I ended with a brownie, two cookies, and a chocolate bar. The double chocolate cookie was the first thing I ate at the festival and I may have freaked out a little bit. Maybe it was the fact that I was “hangry”, or maybe it was because I felt deprived of chocolate. Either way, it was really good and my reaction made C and Nemo crack up.

photo 3
Chocolate and tons of yummy treats!

I also picked up items from Tori’s Bakeshop, which included a really delicious focaccia with mushrooms and peppers, a peach cupcake and last…get this…A DOUGHNUT! Yes, that’s right, a doughnut! You have no idea how excited I got when I saw that. I was so happy that I had to go back and buy another to enjoy later at home. I definitely will have to pay Tori’s a visit in the near future after the yummy experience I had.


One other notable mention is Bunner’s Fine Vegan Goodies. I had heard of them through a coworker who is also gluten-free. I saw the cinnamon bun and immediately had to get one. I also got two savoury pastries and a cookie. The pastries were pretty delicious and I ate them both pretty much right away (what a fatty – I know). The cookie I enjoyed the following day and it was still super soft and delicious. So good that I had to text my coworker the next day to tell her “it’s so good, I could cry”. I kid you not.

I could’ve done more damage at the festival, but as Nemo mentioned, a terrible thunderstorm hit while we were there. It was probably a good thing, since I could’ve done some serious damage to my wallet there.

The calm before the storm...literally
The calm before the storm…literally

I’m happy though with my purchases and I picked up a few business cards, so I have a few more options of where to go to pick up some treats when I really crave them.

– EmptyPenguin


Written by EmptyPenguin

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