Face Yoga and Cherry Cherry Lips?!

So, this may be one of my more girlier blog posts (I apologize to the male readers), but I like to keep the ladies informed!

I recently raided The Face Shop, which is a popular Korean beauty product shop. I usually go there to purchase your typical beauty products like face cream, face wash, lip balms, etc. This time, however, I felt a little adventurous and wanted to try their more unusual products that I always give a second glance, but never dare try.

Okay, I should disclose, that I haven’t actually tried the products yet. I should also mention that while I find these products very unusual, I am actually happy to try them – so long as they don’t cause an ugly allergic reaction. I promise that I’ll post in the future whether or not the products work.

In the meantime, I wanted to share the products that I picked up and why they were deemed “weird” enough for trial. I’ve done it in a countdown style of weird to weirdest. Here we go!

7. Sparkling Apple Face Mask: I’m actually kind of excited to try this mask, but I’m not sure how the “sparkling apple” will help. Will I look like one of the vampires from “Twilight”? Will I have sparkles on my face like G-Dragon in “Bang Bang Bang”? That would really annoy me…

6. Smile :) Foot Mask: Okay, maybe this doesn’t seem so weird, but I really wanted to try it. It may feel weird though because you have to stick your feet into what appears to be wet socks based on the directions on the back. I hate the feeling of wet socks, so this will be interesting and most likely uncomfortable.

5. Rich Hand – Hand Mask: I’ve seen in some k-dramas where the females use “special” gloves after they’ve applied cream onto their hands. I actually have a pair of these that I have yet to try. If you don’t have these special gloves, you’re in luck. “Rich Hand” are gloves coated with nourishing lotion.

The one downside that I can foresee? You have to leave them on for 15-20 minutes. So you better have a good episode of “The Mindy Project” playing in the background and not have the urge to check your phone because that ain’t happening.

4. Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch: I’m assuming this product is supposed to get rid of the dark circles or bags under your eyes, but I’m not positive. Even after reading the directions, I have no actual idea of what purpose it serves. It does require that you do “face yoga” prior to applying this product. Remind self to look up “face yoga”…

3. BeBe Lip Mask: Will my lips look like this girl? Do I want my lips to look this girl? I’m really not sure…

2. Cherry Cherry Lips Modeling Gel Patch: I mean, I guess this product is one size fits all, but whose lips are that ginormous?! I really want to try this to see if it actually works, but I have the smallest lips ever (and a small head to boot), that I fear it will cover my lips AND nose. I should also mention it requires more of this “face yoga” prior to application.

Yes, those are macarons on my T-shirt <3 :).

1. Sharp Face Modeling Gel Patch: I’m not really quite sure what a “face line” is nor do I think I’ve ever wanted to achieve one, but this product is supposed to help you achieve one. You do, however, have to pair it with some more “face yoga”.

Note: I looked up “Face Yoga” on YouTube and this was one of the videos that popped up:

But then I thought “no way…” and yet, here’s another example:


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