En Route to My Next Destination

The last time I was on a flight this long was at the end of 2012. It’s been 2.5 years since and as usual, I find myself filling my time with movies. This is my first time flying with AA and the 3-hour stopover I had brought me to Dallas. I’ll be on this plane for another 11 hours. Finished Theory of Everything about Stephen Hawking and I’m mentally making a note to read A Brief History of Time. Not exactly the type of literature that I normally read, but I’m intrigued by the topic. Did I mention that I think Felicity Jones is extremely pretty? Now I want to watch her 2011 romance Like Crazy.

Back to the beginning. After managing to get up at 3:45AM this morning and getting to the airport by about 5:10AM, we lined up to check in since online check in had failed me the day before. After that, the customs line was pretty brutal. The worst part was seeing that there was basically no line after our rush (cue sad trombone). In any case, we made it to our gate in time to board, so all was good. Our flight to Dallas was short and sweet and afforded me some much needed rest.

Once we got to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), I was on the lookout for the lounge. I mean, if you get complimentary access because you pay annual charges on a credit card, you might as well take advantage of it. That and airport food is always pricey and the lounge gives me free food AND drinks! The Toronto lounge has nothing on The Centurion Lounge at DFW. The Centurion Lounge made me want all travel wait to be like that. The lounge was much larger than I had expected and even had a spa, where I was able to get a complimentary 15 minute massage (the American Back Rub kind). Complete side note here… I read in a magazine on the way to Dallas about Taylor’s Chip dry white port and tonic. Wanted to try this out at the lounge, but they didn’t carry any of that port. So I settled for my regular choice of poison.

After spending all our time at the lounge, we made it to our gate in time to board the flight and I proceeded to purchase in-flight wifi. And voila, here I am! $19 for wifi connection the whole flight isn’t bad actually, but that’s because I have a long flight. Having now also finished watching American Sniper, in which Bradley Cooper gave an amazing performance (sort of regret not watching him perform Elephant Man in New York back in January), I am debating whether I should continue reading Me and Earl and the Dying Girl or watch Kingsman since I just did the escape room last night with this very theme over at Xscaper Arts Unionville (yes, this post somehow boiled down to escaping). The room was very well designed and we enjoyed the puzzles. Unfortunately, we did not succeed. This one’s been open less than a week and no one has made it out just yet.

Food on the plane has been ok so far. I just got a salted caramel gelato so that could be the highlight of my meals on this flight. :D mm… salted caramel. They also gave me an apple. I’ll have that after. If only they could give me a caramel apple. Okay girl, stop dreaming. You’re on the plane, for goodness sake!

Anyway, I’ll leave this post at that. No photos for this post, but there will be more once I reach Hong Kong. Maybe I’ll even find that bean curd guy in Taiwan next week. ;)

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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