I love kids but…

being on a 15-hour flight with a 2 year old kicking the back of your seat or crying is not enjoyable at all.  It really isn’t. I gave up turning around after a while and was extremely relieved when he stopped kicking (yay!). Turns out he had fallen asleep on daddy. He looks so cute when he’s asleep, but then he woke up and started crying and I could hear it with my headphones on. After the crying ceased, he resumed kicking the back of my seat. Must have been fun for him but it sure as hell wasn’t fun for me.

Aside from the kid behind me, my seat tray was also slightly broken, as explained to me by the stewardess. The power outlet at my seat also was not working. I think that pretty much sums up my series of discoveries with my seat once I sat down.

This brings me to the end of 2 weeks away from Toronto, during which I saw some of Hong Kong and Tai Chung. First time in Taiwan and I already want to go back. Some really great views, especially in CingJing. More to come once I sort out my photos and thoughts.

This was purely a rant for the most part and it doesn’t stop me from loving kids.

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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  • Hahaha… I hear you. A few years back I’d thought the same. But now with a little kid, I sit at the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m the parent who hopes their kid will behave but of course, that’s easier sad than done and the more wish for it, the more your little one throws a tantrum! I’m curious to hear about your Taiwan trip, let’s get these posts ready! :)


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