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Cycling in the City

Firstly, I’ll admit that I’m not a frequent cyclist. I don’t ride my bike every day. I have no need to. I’ve gotten used to being able to drive wherever I need to go, whenever I need to go. That being said, I am relocating to the heart of the city. This presents me with a new dilemma: drive, bike or walk?

I read an article recently about designated bike lanes in the city and I support this 100%. The author mentioned safety for both cyclists and motor vehicles and I absolutely agree with it. Driving downtown isn’t difficult, but it requires paying attention to those taxis that just decide to pull up and stop for passengers, pedestrians who j-walk (I’m probably guilty of having done this) and cyclists who are sharing a narrow lane with me. Even uptown where the roads are slightly wider, I feel a bit worried sometimes. Am I giving them enough space? Are they too far out from the curb? In any case, bike lanes could solve this issue.

Cycling up in the northern part of Markham isn’t quite the same. Roads are quieter even though there’s definitely more development there these days, but still manageable. I’ll just have to make the most of this summer before I’m downtown.

Thinking about cycling takes me back to the roads in Copenhagen. They had designated bike lanes there on most roads and it was fantastic. I think that if the city had lanes like that, my dilemma wouldn’t really be a dilemma. I’d choose between cycling and walking where I needed downtown rather than crowd myself on the Rocket.

Here’s to hoping the city will do something more. The bike lanes down on Queen’s Quay are definitely a good start. :)

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