Did Someone Say Spice Girls Reunion?

So I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Basically since I bought those level 300 tickets because I couldn’t afford anything more back in school in 2007. I don’t regret for a second going to that reunion concert. I regret not somehow scraping the money to get myself floor tickets. I had fun with the girls and that’s what Spice Girls is to me. They’ll always be my number one, even if I accept that they aren’t the greatest singers and a lot of what they are is gimmicky and just a big production.

Sometimes you need a bit of that. Sometimes you just want the glitz and glamour and that’s what these girls gave. I fell in love with that high energy 90s all girl pop group which dominated the music industry. I went through a brief review of their history again this morning and I have to say that I’m shocked they were only really around for a few years. It was a great few years, but 1996 was when Wannabe really struck it and made them a household name. By the end of 2000, they were fading away and Forever was the last album they produced (as a group of four).

I think their biggest success was getting girls to relate to the whole characterization. It was extremely generic characterization but it seemed to do the trick. I always fancied myself being like sporty spice (but not as cool, obviously). Females these days are a lot more complex than just one of these. I mean, I’m sure there are quizzes out there that tell you how much and which spice you are. I’m probably guilty of participating in a few of those quizzes myself over the years.

In any case, I think that I have this childhood allegiance to them and for that reason, I will be one of many who will scoop up tickets to a reunion tour. Whether it’s a Vegas gig or an actual tour, I’ll be looking out for it as we get closer to the 20th anniversary of Wannabe. GIRL POWER FOREVER. :P

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