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JBL Synchros Reflect-i

I’ve been using my JBL earphones for more than a month now. I did some research before deciding on these ones. I also then worried about the money I spent ($90CAD) on these and whether they would serve the purpose I needed or whether it would fail in any aspect and leave me dissatisfied and on the prowl for another pair of earphones.

After the first wear, I was happy to say that they have not disappointed me. After giving them a few more runs since, I can say that I love them. Here’s what I was looking for when I started doing my research:

1. earphones for running (and possibly other sporting activities)
2. earphones that don’t fall out
3. decent sound quality (I don’t exactly have high expectations) and easy control

optional requirements:
1. earphones with wiring that’s not too ridiculously long
2. colourful earphones

Seems like a fairly short list, right? Well, I went through quite a few blogs, including elite running blogs and even tech meets active life blogs and quickly realized that there were a few brands that consistently made it to the top of people’s lists, but my requirement #2 above was probably the most difficult criteria to meet. Everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) has a different preference/comfort level with in-ear headphones and what does or does not fall out. That is, by far, the biggest concern when choosing a pair of earphones that work for you. Not your mother, your sister, your neighbour, your coworker, your doppelganger… but YOU. Anyway, I’m glad that the JBL Syncrhos Reflect-i (the “i” is for Apple devices). I typically run anywhere between 3-7km these days and they have not fallen out EVER. I didn’t even feel like they wanted to slip off.

I occasionally run with a friend and rather than turning down the volume, I took them off a few times to hear my friend was saying. It was easy enough to slip back on while I kept running, but these aren’t noise cancelling earphones so could have kept them on if I lowered the volume. It was more out of habit. This leads me to the biggest comment I took away from other articles about these earphones. People say that putting on these earphones takes a bit of getting used to, but they worked like a charm for me and fit right in. I loved that about it (although I’m sure that there are people who just can’t get the right fit with them).

The biggest bonus about these earphones is that it comes default with a shorter wire and an extension. I have yet to use the extension as I mainly use the JBLs for running along with my armband (more on that another day). I have Bose over ear headphones for my commute (also love those!). The length is perfect for pairing with the armband. The earphones have a reflector strip on them, but I haven’t really made use of that since it’s still light out when I run. Maybe in the coming month as the sun starts to set earlier, they may come in handy. The buds themselves also have a magnet (is that awesome or what?!) so the wires don’t really get tangled together since the buds just stick together (like good friends do… ok ok I’ll stop with the bad jokes).

I’m not picky about sound quality and I am definitely happy with the JBLs. I don’t usually skip songs a lot on my run, but it felt fairly easy to do that with these earphones (since I was playing around with it before running in them). Most of the time, I only pause or control the volume. I was able to just feel around on the controls and do what I needed with looking and slowing down on my run.

Lastly, I wanted this pair of earphones to not be standard black or navy in colour. I picked the bright blue out of the 4 options. I considered the red but stuck with the blue. Love the bright colour options so that was definitely a plus for JBL.

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