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Weekend in Boston

Here’s to a hopefully sunny and beautiful trip to the cozy town of Boston. Makes me remember Augustana’s Boston which is another one of those songs I had on replay for a pretty long time. No relevance whatsoever.

I keep hearing comments that I can’t possibly go to Boston and not have seafood. Well, I’m going to do just that. As a vegetarian, I won’t be having my fill of fresh seafood. What I will do though, is check out the dirty waters of Boston, possibly run along the Charles and cross Mass Ave. If I can, I’m going to stop and breathe in the air at Brattle Book Shop. I feel like I’m hyping up this little corner of paradise for myself but I can’t help it. Shelves of books in the great outdoors… books that you can smell the rustic pages of. Okay I’ll stop.

Anyway, I’m definitely looking forward to just relaxing and taking in the city. I don’t have a packed schedule for this trip which is a bit unusual mostly due to the fact that I am visiting a friend here. I still hope to be able to check out a cute coffee shop or two (or three), enjoy a day in Cape Cod (talk about expensive travels!) and see why so many of my friends are in love with Boston.

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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