Two Weeks until I see Her TS 1989 Full view

Two Weeks until I see Her

It wasn’t meant to be when I bought tickets to see her on her Red tour, but it’s now 2 weeks until her 1989 tour. I’m actually pretty excited and the fact that she’s been bringing on surprise guests at every concert only heightens the hype! I wish I was there for Wiz Khalifa and Taylor’s See You Again moment or even for her collaboration with John Legend. Now I’m just holding my breath for her Toronto special guest. I am really loving¬†Shawn Mendes’ Stitches though so I’m glad that he’ll be opening (yay!).

I’m also listening to MCP (Molotov Cocktail Piano) covers 1989. A bit more mellow than listening to Taylor belt her tunes, but good in a different way.

It’s kind of shocking how popular and how big of a presence and brand Taylor has created for herself. She’s extremely vocal and passionate. She has talent and she is not afraid to try different things or show her support or air her laundry with her fans (so to speak). When it all comes down to it, she is a mid-twenties gal having fun while doing something she loves. She has such a big influence on the music industry it’s kind of insane.

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