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the birthday song that never ends… homemade birthday cake Full view

the birthday song that never ends…

The weekend is over, and I’ve had lots of cake (yes, there’s more cake in the fridge as I type this). My best friend declared her intentions earlier this month. She had decided to bake me a cake for my birthday this year (yay!). The element of surprise was supposed to be the kind of cake. Instead, I think the element of surprise ended up being a rendition of the birthday song that never ends. The friend in charge of candles decided it would be fun to get singing candles. It was definitely an experience.

The candles were lit and the song was fun… for about 2 minutes. Then it kept going and going and going some more. I blew out the candles and started cutting the cake while the birthday song went on. We put the candles in the sink and ran it under water and it sang on. We tried to drown the music out by putting the candles in a bowl of water, but they floated. We thought the music stopped and started eating the yummy cake. We chatted for a while until we started hearing the birthday song again. It had never stopped playing!

It was hammer time! The two candles were thoroughly smashed until they no longer sang. Google has also provided this same method to stopping the music, which I find hard to believe. The only other method I’ve come across is to cut the wire before lighting the candle, but what’s the fun in that?

My buddies informed me this morning that the candles which had seemingly stopped singing started acting up again once we all left. That’s super creepy. I’m ok with people singing me the song next year. Much easier to shut them up.

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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