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Canadian Capers presents Speakeasy

I was a bit cautious about what to expect going in. We all were. Our group hadn’t really enjoyed Escape from the Bank all that much, but we wanted to try something that was interactive once more. We all loved it. Even the Speakeasy event poster (see above) was well designed.

Speakeasy was a one day event which happened to coincide with my birthday. Who goes escaping on their birthday? ME! But anyone who knows me probably isn’t the least bit surprised by that. The puzzles, created by Errol of ERA, were good, for the most part. There was flow to the entire event. The actors were good and the interaction element was well done. It was a little bit trickier to get everyone on the same page, considering that there were limited poker chips to get you into certain rooms to get certain conversations or clues, but overall, everyone on the team was able to get immersed in the 60-minute experience.

The venue was perfect for the 1920s theme and the props and decor were well planned and executed. They even invited participants to dress up in theme, which is pretty neat. I don’t know if Canadian Capers ever plans to reuse their event details, so I’ll leave out any major details, but the storyline is that you’ve been invited to the Speakeasy by Tony G Jr to solve some puzzles (what else could you even be there for? :P) and as you solve these puzzles, you need to interact with the actors who give you clues to what’s going on. They help guide you and they give you hints appropriately. The puzzles weren’t super difficult, but the added element of interaction and the fact that you’re in a group setting makes things a little trickier to manoeuvre.

In any case, our group was thoroughly impressed and had a fun experience! We’ll definitely be on the lookout for any more of these interactive escape experiences in the future!

Written by nemo

a vegetarian with a love for travel and escape rooms

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  • Huzzah! I’m glad you got a chance to go! You should have introduced yourself to me!

    I’m also happy you liked it for the most part! *laugh*


    • nemo Post author on

      I was going to but I figured you were fairly busy that day. We were the group at 4pm that requested the song to be played multiple times. :P I think the only puzzle that actually stood out to me as not being something I liked was that poker hand one. I was a bit on the fence about that one.

      • Oh, don’t worry about requesting a song multiple times, trust me. I think I played it for a half an hour straight. I feel sorry for those near the speakers.

        In regards to Poker Hand, which poker hand? Or All of them? ^_^ That was most of the night, poker hands!

  • (btw, do you have a Twitter? I shared it there… and on FB as well. I was going to tag you on twitter but couldn’t find one)

    • nemo Post author on

      I’m not really active on Twitter, but it’s @nemoleung

      • Aw… sorry you didn’t like the origami puzzle.

        A lot of people were making them into cootie catchers…

        • nemo Post author on

          Haha. I actually that that’s what it was supposed to be at first. The only reason that I didn’t like it was because one of the cards didn’t follow the same pattern as the others. If all 5 had been a different pattern, that might have made more sense, but I simply felt that when you have 4 that were done one way and then the last one in a different way, it seemed a little inconsistent.

          • Regarding Origami:

            I do agree, it doesn’t follow the exact same pattern!

            However, I wanted the origami to do something other than cover. And, I tried my best to make sure it was contained in that one puzzle.

            A square has only four sides, so where’s the fifth card? How can I hide it in plain sight? I wanted to give people four cards easily, and then knowing there’s a fifth, they had to figure out where it was.

            But you are right, the fifth was different… I could have made it a pentagram, but creating the shape itself seemed more fun to me.

            Funny thing, there were such a wide and varied response to the puzzles… EXCEPT the domino puzzle.

            No one hated it, no one loved it. All the other puzzles we had comments on, whether love or hate. Poor Domino puzzle. ^_^

          • nemo Post author on

            I’ll email you for further discussion. :P

  • Oh! Furthermore, I LOVE talking about puzzle designs and hearing critiques, so if you want to continue this so as not to reveal spoilers, by all means, please email me at



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