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Escaping the Concrete Jungle

May 11, 20160

Returning once again to the concrete jungle, I was definitely glad that weather was much more agreeable than the last…

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Cambridge, Boston and Cape Cod

August 20, 20150

Back to work now. After my extra long weekend to visit a friend in Cambridge, I can see why people love…

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Matsuri 2015

July 22, 20150

It’s only Wednesday, I know. But I’m already looking forward to Matsuri this Sunday. If only I owned a yukata.…

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All About May

June 10, 20150

May is over! Summer is creeping up on us. I’m already looking forward to traveling. Off to Vegas next week. It’ll…

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My attempt at being “Cooking Mama” comes to life?

October 28, 20140

So a little while ago, Nemo and I shared a video of us dressed up as “Cooking Mama” for our…

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So, I only have two options on the menu? Great!

September 1, 20140

It’s been a bit of a rough ride the past year and a bit. I was diagnosed as intolerant to…

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