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Film Festivals!

May 19, 20160

I feel like there is constantly some sort of film festival, screening or event going on in and around Toronto.…

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It’s worth it

May 17, 20160

Cutting the commute, living in the midst of the action, being so close to the water, having so much good…

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Piano Guys are Back!

May 17, 20160

And they’re rocking the stage once again. I missed their tour last year, but managed to snag tickets early on…

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Leaving the Financial District Behind…

May 13, 20160

I didn’t realize how coffee / tea breaks had become a part of my daily life until I changed job…

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Canadian Capers presents Speakeasy

September 21, 201511

I was a bit cautious about what to expect going in. We all were. Our group hadn’t really enjoyed Escape…

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Matsuri 2015

July 22, 20150

It’s only Wednesday, I know. But I’m already looking forward to Matsuri this Sunday. If only I owned a yukata.…

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Cycling in the City

July 21, 20150

Firstly, I’ll admit that I’m not a frequent cyclist. I don’t ride my bike every day. I have no need…

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May Escapades

May 15, 20151

I am off to Montreal next week and I know that what I’m planning to do illustrates how much of…

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I thought spring was coming…

March 24, 20150

Not sure that’s happening anymore though. The temperature took a dive yesterday to subzero and it was even colder today.…

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Veggie Fest is like Christmas for people like me!

September 10, 20140

The first time I ever went to the Vegetarian Festival, I was only restricting myself to gluten and hadn’t adopted…

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