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Escaping the Concrete Jungle

May 11, 20160

Returning once again to the concrete jungle, I was definitely glad that weather was much more agreeable than the last…

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How Far Would I Go?

May 9, 20160

This is the new question that plagues me. Actually, it probably plagues my significant other more so than it does…

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Weekend in Boston

August 11, 20150

Here’s to a hopefully sunny and beautiful trip to the cozy town of Boston. Makes me remember Augustana’s Boston which…

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“No, that’s not a mountain, those are my boobs!”

June 8, 20151

So, there’s this story in the news that’s circulating about Canadian travelers who decided it would be a great idea…

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A friend reminded me…

May 7, 20150

that it’s important to take the time to be happy with the present. I met up with a friend recently.…

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Time to catch up…

January 27, 20150

I’ve been AWOL from this blog for a while now. I basically missed the holidays. Quick side note. We were…

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From Road Tripping in Iceland to biking in Copenhagen

October 13, 20140

Beautiful backdrops. Hikes galore. Land untouched by man. These are a few of the wonderful things that Iceland has to…

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